Always fun times at The Woodshed!

The Beachcomber July 4th Extravaganza!

Some awesome moments from our Beachcomber show!

6 months and 25 gigs in the making!

We found him. The man void of all sense of rhythm. ‪#‎norhythmdude‬ ‪#‎norhythm‬ ‪#‎beatdeafness‬


The Woodshed

Another super fun night at the 'shed!


Sam Adams Brewery

Rock and beer. Can it get any better?!

An excerpt of TNT (ACDC) from The Woodshed, Cape Cod, MA

A compilation of our set at the Wellfleet Beachomber from July 4th!

“…the fun began when the band started to play, the dance floor was packed! I had an amazing time!” – Jessica K. (via Yelp)

“You guys crushed it. It was like having a second wedding in one night. Thanks for everything!” -Evan K.